K-Friends Adaptive Sports Festival


Adaptive Sports Festival


대회취지 (Foundation Purpose)

한국 고유의 체육, 예술 등을 체전을 통하여 널리 알리고 타민족과 교류하는데 목적을 두며, 북미와 남미지역을 포함한 타 민족의 부분 종목 참가개방, 한국문화 콘텐츠 행사를 접목시켜 발전하는 한류문화와 동반하여 재미동포 장애인 체육, 사회의 이미지 제고, 민간 외교의 역할을 활성화시켜 미주한인 이민역사에 새로운 기준을 정립하는데 대회의 츼지를 둠.

We seek to promote and spread the Korean culture, and its indigenous sports and arts through the games, as well as to foster exchanges with other culture and peoples. Moreover, we aim to open certain events of the games for participation by people of other cultures-including athletes from North and South Americas – as well as in coordination with the popular wave of Korean Culture that is taking root. Sports, set of athletes of various sports disciplines.